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Number of land-dwelling animals killed in the world by the meat, dairy and egg industries, since you opened this webpage.
This counter does not include the billions of water-dwelling animals killed annually.
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“No child, I think, can walk through a common market or slaughterhouse without receiving a moral injury; nor am I quite sure that any virtuous adult can!”

William A. Alcott, 1848, Vegetable Diet

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“One becomes violent by taking part in violent food practices. The ontological implication of a feminist ethics of care is that nonhuman animals should no longer count as food.”

Deane Curtin, 1991, “Toward an Ecological Ethic of Care”

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“Throughout the history of our ascent to dominance as the master species, our victimization of animals has served as the model and foundation for our victimization of each other”

Charles Patterson, 2002, Eternal Treblinka: Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust, p.109

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“Through symbolism based on killing animals, we encounter politically laden images of absorption, control, domain, and the necessity of violence. This message of male dominance is conveyed through meat eating – both in its symbolism and reality.”

Carol J. Adams, 2004, The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory, p.201

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“For me, the essence of veganism is compassion … not just compassion for animals, but all the way around”

Victoria Moran, 1985, Compassion: The Ultimate Ethic, p.44

Media Archive

This page contains an archive of significant media sources relevant to veganism, including journalistic or campaigning sources as well as artistic works. Sources are grouped under the following headings, arranged in alphabetical order:


All of the material on this page, to the best of our knowledge, is favourable to veganism. Please contact us with suggestions for additions or corrections to this page.

Sadly, a lot of media coverage of veganism is negative. Some of the more significant sources will be archived and appear as pdf files linked to this page. Check the diary page for notification of when these are due to appear.



Abbott, Jennifer (Dir.)(1998) A Cow at My Table, Canada: Flying Eye Productions, 90 minutes

American Vegan Society, The (1989) The Pillars of Ahimsa, USA, 1 hour 10 mnutes

Animal Aid (1992) Their Future in Your Hands? A Short Film About Our Treatment of Animals, UK: Animal Aid, 13 minutes. Animal Aid educational video, aimed at years 7 & 8. Narrated b Carol Royle

Animal Aid (2005) Animal Aid Education DVD Compilation: Eat This!; Wasted Lives; Their Future in Your Hands, UK: Animal Aid, 53 minutes

Animal Aid (2005) Eat This! UK: Animal Aid, 20 minutes. Educational video.

Animal Defenders (no date) Circus Rescue, UK: Animal Defenders, 18 minutes. Documents the rescue of a number of animals from the Akef Egyptian Circus

Animal Defenders (no date) The Ugliest Show on Earth, UK: Animal Defenders (Campaigns) Ltd. 25 minutes. Undercover footage from circuses

Chicken's Lib (no date) Chicken For Dinner? Narrated by Joanna Lumley

Chicken's Lib (no date) Sentenced for Life, 34 minutes. Narrated by Joanna Lumley

Greger, M., M.D. (no date) Stopping Cancer Before it Starts: Cancer Proofing Your Body With Plant Superfoods With Doctor-Chef Michael Greger, M.D. USA: the Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation

Hillside Sanctuary (no date) Hillside Animal Sanctuary (founded by Wendy Valentine - 1995), 30 minutes. Made by and for the Hillside Sanctuary. Introduced by Carol Royle.

Keith, Shannon (Dir.) (2006) Behind the Mask: The story of the people who risk everything to save animals, 72 minutes, “Behind The Mask” is a unique documentary focusing on those individuals who take direct action to save animals.

Klaper, Michael (no date) Nutrition for Optimum Health, 46 minutes. Companion film to book of the same name

Monson, S. (Dir.) (2007) Earthlings, USA: Nation Earths

Regan, Tom (no date) We Are All Noah: A Film by Tom Regan, E. V. Productions. VHS video cassette 'presented by The Culture and Animals Foundation' - advocating animal rights from a religious perspective

Schonfeld, Victor & Alaux, Myriam (2007) The Animals Film, 25th Anniversary Edition, 120 minutes,

Scheibner, Aaron (Dir.) (2008) A Delicate Balance (2008)

Spanner Films (2005) McLibel: The True Story Of Two Ordinary People Who Refused To Say Sorry,

Spurlock, Morgan (Dir.) (2005) Supersize Me, 99 minutes.

Stein, J. (Dir.) (2000) The Witness, USA: J. LaVeck (Prod.) 43 minutes,

SUPRESS (Students United Protesting Research on Sentient Subjects) (1986) Hidden Crimes: a documentary on animal experimentation, USA: SUPPRESS, 78 mnutes

Swindells, John (Dir.) (1997) Henry: One Man's Way, USA: Peter Singer and John Swindells (Prods.) 53 minutes. Inspiring portrait of animal rights activist, Henry Spira.

Tobias, M. (Dir.) (2005) Mad Cowboy: The Documentary, USA: H. Lyman and M. Nealon (Prods.), 1 hour 1 mintutes. DVD of Lyman's book Mad Cowboy

Vegan Organic Network, The (2008) Stockfree Organic: free from animal inputs, 15 minutes. Film that demonstrates stockfree organic growing techniques and principles.

Vegan Society, The (no date) Time For Change (Vegan Society Film)

Vegan Society, The (1994) Truth or Dairy: who, what, where, how and why vegan, 22 minutes, UK: The Vegan Society

Vegan Society, The (1998) Soundbites: Vegan Culinary Delights, UK: The Vegan Society, 30 minutes. Endorsed by Benjamin Zephaniah & Wendy Turner

Viva! (1997) Food For Life: Vegetarianism - a dietary revolution explored, UK: T. W. Productions , 24 minutes. Educational film

Viva! (no date) Pig in Hell, UK: Viva! 20 minutes

Viva! (2002) Not in My Name: A passionate condemnation of factory farming by some of Britain's best-loved personalities, UK: Viva! 12 minutes

Viva! (2006) Piggles and the Shocking Discovery, UK: Viva!, 8 minutes


Magazine Articles

Knight, Andrew (2008) Fishy business? Lifescape (May) 74-76



Linzey, Andrew & Regan, Tom (1987) The Rights of Animals. Series of audio cassettes

Vegan Society, The (2007) The Vegan Society Interactive CD-ROM, Educational CD aimed at Key Stages 3 and 4,



Music and Lyrics

Conflict (1983) It's Time to See Who's Who, Mortarhate Records [several animal rights themed songs, including 'Meat Means Murder']

Conflict (1984) Increase the Pressure, Mortarhate Records [includes 'Tough Shit Mickey']

Conflict (1985) The Ungovernable Force, Mortarhate Records [includes 'This is the ALF']

conflict banner

Consolidated (1991) Friendly Fascism Nettwerk Europe NET 033 CD [includes 'The Sexual Politics of Meat', 'Meat Kills']


Newspaper Articles

BBC News Vegan diet 'help' for arthritis Wednesday, 19th March 2008

Dabovich, Melanie Veganic farmers work without animal fertilizers, byproducts Associated Press Friday, 13th June 2008

Clover, Charles (2007) Go vegan to help climate, says Government The Daily Telegraph 30th May 2007

Monbiot, George (2002) Why vegans were right all along The Guardian, Tuesday, 24th December 2002

New York Times (2008) The Carrot Some Vegans Deplore New York Times, Thursday 27th March 2008

Singer, Peter (2008) Harpooned by Hypocrisy The Guardian, Saturday, 19th January 2008


Online Media

Animal Voices Archive of podcasts, many including interviews with key figures in the vegan movement

Best, Steve (2007) The Killing Fields of South Africa: Eco-Wars, Species Apartheid, and Total Liberation

Edwards, David (2004) Animal Rights - The Case for Kindness, Media-Lens, 4th August 2004.

Francione, Gary & Marcus, Erik (2007) Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach: Erik Marcus debates Gary L. Francione, 25th February 2007,

Linzey, Andrew (1989) Animal Rights Bill - Rev Andrew Linzey speaks. Recorded at the Royal Institute of Great Britain,


Regan, Tom (1989) Animal Rights Bill - Tom Regan speaks. Recorded at the Royal Institute of Great Britain,

Ryder, Richard (1989) Animal Rights Bill - Richard Ryder Speaks. Recorded at the Royal Institute of Great Britain,

Vegan Freak Radio Archive of podcasts by the authors of Vegan Freak, some including interviews with other figures in the vegan movement

Vegan Radio Archive of podcast shows, many including interviews with key figures in the vegan movement

Veggie Channel

Veggie Vision